Advanced Nano Materials

Advanced Nano Materials

Nanomaterial’s are composed of structures at the Nano scale, usually achieved via specifically designed self-assembly processes. They acquire unique electronic, optical, mechanical, magnetic, catalytic properties, which cannot be achieved without their Nano-architecture. Such advanced nanomaterial’s provide unprecedented opportunities for tuning their properties in a very broad range. It is an actively developing field of modern research with a wide spectrum of applications ranging from Nano electronics and energy harvesting to biology and Nano medicineAdvanced polymers and Nano composites, battery materials and multifunctional materials, drug delivery and tissue engineering, bio-inspired and hybrid nanomaterial’s .

  • Advanced Nano-sensors for Environment and Health
  • Novel functional nanomaterial’s based on design and modeling
  • Nanofabrication
  • Functional Nanomaterial’s
  • Molecular Engineering
  • Bio nanotechnology and Nano medicine

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