Energy Harvesting Materials

Energy Harvesting Materials

The science of energy harvesting materials is experiencing phenomenal growth and attracting huge interest. Exploiting recently acquired insights into the fundamental mechanisms and principles of photosynthesis, it is now possible to forge entirely new and distinctive molecular materials and devise artificial photosystems and applications far remote from conventional solar cell technology. In this comprehensive treatment of energy harvesting, a team of internationally acclaimed scientists at the forefront of the subject paint a state–of–the–art picture of modern energy harvesting materials science.

  • Marine Renewable Energy and Powering the Blue Economy
  • Bio-Inspired Bi-stable Energy Harvesting for Fish Telemetry Tags
  • Energy harvesting from human body to power mobile and wearable devices
  • Energy-harvesting backpack
  • Energy harvesting shoes
  • Energy-Harvesting Vehicle Shock Absorbers
  • Energy Harvesting from the Vibration of Railway Tracks
  • Energy Harvesting and Control of Wind-Induced Vibration of Tall Buildings
  • Energy-Harvesting on the smart tire
  • Energy-Harvesting on the smart tire

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